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Green Policy

At the Devonshire Fell, we advocate socially and environmentally responsible business practices.

We acknowledge the importance of addressing modern sustainability challenges and aim to have a positive impact on our communities. By implementing environmental initiatives and engaging with our local community, we aim to protect our natural and cultural heritage for future generations.

Our most recent efforts to minimise our carbon footprint on the environment, such as preventing plastic pollution is placing our water tap on the map; providing free refill water from our water station, for anyone passing, visitors and guests. Also, by use of disposable plastic, we use paper straws, discontinued using stirrers and have already started to switch from plastic bottles to glass bottles. Our water is some of the best in the world anyway so it is available, iced at reception so you can fill your container for your journey onwards. We are working on having no plastic waste by 2020.

To minimise our carbon footprint as much as possible. We currently:

  • Use paper made from sustainable sources.
  • Use energy saving light bulbs throughout the hotel wherever possible.
  • Recycle all glass, paper and plastic.
  • Food waste goes to anorobic digestion to create power.
  • Utilise the internet and email as a means to distribute information such as newsletters, brochures and letters.
  • Use eco- friendly powders and green chemicals to wash all towels in The Devonshire Spa and hotel laundry.
  • Make use of local food suppliers wherever possible, reducing food miles.
  • Send as much Kitchen waste such as waste fats for environmentally friendly re-cycling


‘Green Champions’ are in place within their department and participate in delivering the initiatives throughout the hotel.  All our staff have an environmental induction on joining the hotel to outline the importance and to educate them on the recycling.  We have an environmental committee and conduct meetings every 3 months to drive new ‘green’ ideas.

One of our long term projects is to bring about new initiatives to encourage our guest to cycle and walk around our stunning local area rather than taking their car whilst staying with us. The natural breath-taking beauty of the 30,000 acre Bolton Abbey estate is walking distance with over 80 miles of footpaths with ample space to enjoy the fresh air and appreciate the wildlife and the unique landscape.  Another initiative we are looking at is to work with our communities, local businesses and schools to help reduce pollution and be more environmentally sustainable.

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